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Needlework Lamps & Magnifiers

To create your best art you need the best light.

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Picture Lamps & Magnifiers Price Qty

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Compact Lamp Lamp: $49.99
Shipping: $10.00
Compact (110v) daylight simulation lamp. Lightweight and compact, it folds neatly together making it conveniently portable. Perfect for sewing, reading and any detailed work. Choose either White or Black finish.
Light Source: 13 watt low energy/heat daylight simulation tube.

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Flexilens on Mini Clip Lamp: $24.99
Shipping: $10.00
Ideal for clamping on to smaller embroidery frames or similar work surfaces. Rimless lens gives a comfortable uninterrupted view. Black/Chrome.
Main Lens: 3.5 inch diameter, 2.25X magnification (5-diopter)
Inset Lens: 3/4 inch diameter, 4.0X magnification (12-diopter)

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Ultimate Armchair Magnifying Lamp Lamp: $249.99
Shipping: $25.00
This antique floorstanding lamp perfectly blends style and design for your home. Its flexible head directs the soft and colour matching 20w DaylightTM light (100w equiv.) precisely where you need it and our unique springlock system makes this lamp fully height adjustable.

It comes with three unique removable accessories:
Craft tray with dust cover keeps everything conveniently to hand
Chart holder keeps designs in clear view
Magnifier makes fine details easily visible

This item will be dropshipped from Daylight Company.

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Ultimate Table Lamp Lamp: $149.99
Shipping: $19.00
All three accessories (included), magnifying lens, accessory tray and pattern holder can be used independently or together. Removing the accessories transforms the lamp from a functional hobby tool into a stylish piece of furniture for any room. Ideal for needlework, quilting, cross-stitch, sewing, beading, knitting, crochet, reading and more!
Lens: Quality Acrylic, 5 inch diameter, rimless 1.75X magnifying
Light Source: 20w low heat, daylight simulation, high light output bulb (equivalent to a 100w tungsten bulb) giving excellent color matching and improved clarity.

This item will be dropshipped from Daylight Company.

Daylight Company

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