Needle Roll – What is it??

A needle roll is a tool for every stitcher!  As a matter of fact, it may soon become something – like project bags and scissors – that you need for every project.

For all those times you stitch a handful of stitches and then it’s time to change to a color, the problem is you still have inches of thread left on the needle.  Where to ‘park it’ where it won’t get knotted, will be ready to go when you need that color again, and where you can store it in your project bag and take it with you?

What about those projects that just have one or a few colors, wouldn’t it be nice to just pre-thread a bunch of needles ready to grab when you finish with one?

The needle roll was specifically designed for these times.

The flannel inside of the roll grabs the threads to help prevent knotting.  This makes it easy to simply fold or roll it up when it’s time to put the project away.  The stitcher can use simple slips of paper with the color code/number/name or, in some cases such as dinky dyes, the color tag itself as a way to identify which thread is which within the roll.

As an added bonus, the flannel also provides a steady place to put out some beads when you are beading a project.  (It is not recommended that they be stored in the roll however.)

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