Gentle Art (Sampler Threads & Simply Shaker)


“Gently” over dyed 6-strand cotton embroidery flosses. Each skein is unique in itself.

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These “gently” overdyed 6-strand cotton embroidery flosses called “SAMPLER THREADS™” are exciting and fun to stitch with, and give your needlework a faded, antiqued look. Your needlework projects stitched with “SAMPLER THREADS™” will never be a carbon copy of everyone else’s because each skein is unique in itself.







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Acorn, Adobe, Adzuki, Aged Pewter, Amethyst, Antique Lace, Antique Rose, Apple Cider, Apricot Blush, Autumn, Autumn Leaves, Avocado, Baby Spinach, Baked Clay, Banker's Grey, Barn Grey, Bayberry, Berry Cobbler, Bittersweet, Black Crow, Black Licorice, Black Raspberry Jam, Blackboard, Blue Jay, Blue Spruce, Bluebell, Blueberry, Brandy, Brethren Blue, Briar Rose, Brick Path, Brown Bear, Bubble Gum, Buckeye Scarlet, Burlap, Burnt Orange, Buttercrunch, Buttermilk, Butternut Squash, Cameo Pink, Caramel Corn, Carriage Black, Carrot, Cast Iron Skillet, Celery, Chalk, Chamomile, Cherry Bark, Cherry Wine, Chives, Cidermill Brown, Cinders, Cinnamon, Claret, Clover, Cobblestone, Copper, Coral Reef, Cornflower, Cornhusk, Cottage Blue, Cotton Candy, Country Redwood, Cranberry, Creekbed, Crystal Lake, Cucumber, Currant, Daffodil, Daisy, Dark Chocolate, Deep Forest, Deep Sea, Distressed Denim, Dragon Fruit, Dragonfly, Dried Thyme, Driftwood, Dungarees, Endive, Espresso Bean, Evergreen, Faded Rose, Fisherman's Wharf, Flax, Forest Glade, Fragrant Cloves, Freedom, French Lilac, Fudge Ripple, Garden Gate, Geranium, Gingersnap, Glass Slipper, Gold Leaf, Goldenrod, Grape Arbor, Grape Fizz, Grape Leaf, Grasshopper, Grecian Gold, Green Apple, Green Pasture, Green Tea Leaf, Green With Envy, Harvest Basket, Harvest Moon, Heirloom Gold, Hibiscus, Highland Heather, Holly Berry, Honey Dew, Huckleberry, Hyacinth, Island Blue, Jasmine, Kiwi, Lagoon, Lambswool, Lavender Potpourri, Lemon Drops, Lexington Green, Liberty, Linen, Loganberry, Maple Syrup, Mediterranean Sea, Melon Patch, Midnight, Mint Jubilee, Mistletoe, Misty Harbor, Moonlit Path, Morning Glory, Moss, Mountain Mist, Mulberry, Mustard Seed, Nutmeg, Oatmeal, Ohio Lemon Pie, Old Blue Paint, Old Brick, Old Covered Bridge, Old Hickory, Old Purple Paint, Old Red Paint, Onyx, Orange Marmalade, Otter Creek, Parchment, Peach Ice Cream, Peacock, Pebble, Pecan Pie, Picket Fence, Picnic Basket, Pine, Pineapple Sherbert, Piney Woods, Pink Azalea, Poinsettia, Pomegranate, Poppy, Porcelain, Portabella, Presidential Blue, Pumpkin Patch, Pumpkin Pie, Punchberry, Purple Iris, Putty, Rag Doll, Raspberry Frost, Raspberry Parfait, Raven, Red Grape, Red Plum, Rhubarb, Roasted Marshmallow, Rose Garden, Royal Purple, Ruby Slipper, Sable, Sage, Sarsaparilla, School House Red, School Yard, Sea Spray, Shaker White, Shutter Green, Silver Fern, Slate, Something Blue, Soot, Spring Grass, Storm Clouds, Straw Bonnet, Sugarplum, Summer Meadow, Summer Shower, Sunflower, Sweet Pea, Sweet Petunia, Tarnished Gold, Tea Rose, Terra Cotta, Tiger Lily, Tin Bucket, Toasted Barley, Toffee, Tomato, Tortoise Shell, Tradewind, Tropical Ocean, Tutti Fruitti, Uniform Blue, Verdigris, Victorian Pink, Vintage Lace, Walnut, Weathered Barn, Wheat Fields, Willow, Wisteria, Witching Hour, Wood Smoke, Wood Trail, Woodrose, Wrought Iron