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An Illustrated Dictionary of Tatting $17.95
This book is the first comprehensive illustrated dictionary of tatting terminology. It offers explanations of the rich and varied vocabulary which has developed over the past 200 years, clarifying the confusion that has arisen around various terms.
In addition, historical and personal notes have been included, adding greater interest to the dictionary and broadening our appreciation of the origin and development of tatting.

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Cluny Tatting Designs $6.95
"Simple Cluny Wheel"
"Cluny Butterfly Square"
"Cluny Butterfly Bookmark"
"Wide Cluny Butterfly Edge"
"Cluny Rolled Bookmark"
"Cluny Rose"

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Complete Book of Tatting, The $20.00
Lacis Publications - Rebecca Jones. Softcover from London. Everything you wanted to know but couldn't find out about SHUTTLE lace. Very thorough "How To" section, with more unusual techniques and patterns including working with two threads, two-shuttle tatting, pearl tatting, cluny tatting and tatting with beads, roll tatting and 3-D flowers. Also has some instructions for needle tatting.

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Easy Tatting $3.95
This clearly written, lavishly illistrated guide to the age-old art of lace-making allows even novices to fill a treasure chest with lovely tatted designs.

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Flights of Fantasy $19.95
Tatting patterns inspired by myth and legend.
Includes tatting patterns for dragons, medieval maiden, unicorns, pegasus, and more.

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Handy Hands Celtic Tatting: Knots & Patterns Book $12.00
Twelve original designs for needle or shuttle tatters. Elegance abounds in the graceful loops and whorls of Celtic knots. Projects include snowflake, edgings, earrings, hearts, flowers, cross, collar, butterfly and bookmark.

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It's in the Bag $20.00
"Beaded Fringed Bag"
"Woven Picot Felt Spectacle Case"
"Split Ring Pendant"
"Set Stitch Necklace Bag"
and many more!

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Joy of Tatting $11.95
This book has been written to help all tatters, beginning, experienced and lace lovers alike, to discover for themselves..."The Joy of Tatting".
Discover it!
Learn it!
Start it!
Share it!

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Karey Solomon
"Easy Star Basket"
"Celtic Cup Basket"
"Basket of Woven Chains"
"Simple Spiral Basket"
"One-Block Basket"
"Block-Tatted Basket"
"Threaded-Ring Button Basket"
and many more!

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Karey Solomon
Bouquet of Bookmarks
"Cactus Flower Bookmark"
"Rose Sprig"
"Carnation Stem"
"The Wild-Haired Flower Gardener"
and many more!

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Learn Needle Tatting - step by step $14.95
This book is a reprint that combines her previous book one and book two. Color photos show clearly how this technique is accomplished. Projects include clothing embellishments, ornaments, towel and card inserts and doily edgings.

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Learn To Tat $14.95
Book Contents:
General Information
Beginning Tatting Classes
Advanced Tatting Classes
Tatting Projects

Also includes interactive DVD.

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Shabby Chic Tatting $14.95
The lovely look of lace for the elegant home with just a touch of whimsy. More than 20 beautiful tatting patterns including instructions for table cloths and bedspreads from simple motifs. Hearts, flowers, edgings, and more. To delight beginning through advanced, shuttle and needle tatters everywhere.

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Tatted Easter Eggs $11.95
Includes instructions for 24 different Easter eggs.

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Tatting Patterns and Designs $9.95
Here is a distinctive gallery of over 85 beautiful and useful tatted items - mats, bookmarks, edgings, collars, crowns, medallions, and more - all ideal for testing and developing the skills of both intermediate and advanced tatters.

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Tatting Technique & History $11.95
Throughout, you'll find clear step-by-step instructions supplemented by nearly 60 drawings and photographs. In addition, patterns are progressive in difficulty: mastery of the simpler versions will enable you to undertake more elaborate projects. Whatever project you select, this superb handbook offers the knowledge, guidance, and inspiration you need to discover the creative satisfaction and lasting rewards of tatting.

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Tatting Theory and Patterms $27.95
This is the second, revised and bilingual edition of the internationally successful title.
28 unique diagrammatic patterns
Detailed instructions in English and Polish
Innovative technical solutions, including Jan's Method
Invaluable tips for flawless work
Over 80 educational photos and drawings

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Tea is for Tatting $19.95
A collections of tatted teapots.
"Tiny Square Teapot"
"Antique Rose Tea Set"
"Country Garden Teapot"
"Maltese Tea Set"
"Celtic Teapot"
and many more!

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