Piecework ~ Summer 2024


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Timeless Shawl (Knitting pattern)
The Pocketbooks and Purses of Mary Wright Alsop (article)
A Glorious Hexagon Bolster (Quilted pillow patter)
Recollections (article)
Arctic Thyme Baby Pullover (Knitting pattern)
Coasters (Sashiko Embroidery pattern)
The Dickerson Pin Loom Blanket (article)
Applied Braidwork (article)
Rosebuds (Silk Ribbon Embroidery pattern)
Motif and Meaning in Turkish Knitted Socks (article)
Tartan Reflections and Repetitions (article)
Phulkari (article)
Bargello Through the Ages (article)
Revisited ~ Bees and Black-Eyed (Counted Cross Stitch pattern)